Designed with style and functionality in mind.  Our first ashtray features a twisted wavelike texture, and two dedicated joint notches.

Regular price $69.00

  • Two joint notches
  • Compact design
  • Deep ash well
  • Milled on 5-Axis CNC
  • Virtually indestructible

  • Spacegrade aluminum

  • 62mm x 72mm x 43mm
  • 169 grams

An ashtray says a lot about you. It's important to bring an equal level of detail to the place where your roll is burnt as to where it is created.

Mix and match your joints and keep them balanced and ready to spark. The two joint notches make this ashtray compact, yet ready to adapt to your sesh's needs.

Made to be seen

No need to hide this ashtray when guests are coming over. Display it proudly on your coffee table, nightstand, shower, wherever your heart desires. It will look good and complement its surroundings.