The most beautiful grinder in the world.  Z's signature waveform pattern makes this object more of a sculpture than a grinder.  It also spins and makes pleasant noises. 

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  • Milled on 5-Axis CNC
  • Three piece construction
  • Diamond sharp teeth
  • Neodymium magnets for superior closure
  • Deep flower well
  • Naturally patinas with time
  • Virtually indestructible

  • Space grade aluminum
  • Neodymium magnets

  • 61mm x 61mm x 57mm
  • 215 grams

Our grinder was created to serve initially as a sculpture, then secondarily as a highly functional grinder. Its surface, adorned with Z's signature waveform pattern, tells a story of craftsmanship and heritage, making it not just a tool but a work of art.

Wavy Feel, Diamond Sharp

Our grinder is not just a sensory extravaganza due to our twisted waveform exterior, but a functional gem with its diamond sharp grinder teeth. It will grind your flower to the perfect fluffy consistency for years to come.

Quality Three-Piece Construction

This grinder is made for rollers who want to preserve every part of the flower for the freshest rolling experience. That is why we designed our grinder without a kief chamber, because lets be real, who uses a kief chamber anyways?

Your Heritage Grinder

When we made this, the goal was to make it the last grinder you ever own. Planned obsolescence is not in our ethos. We want you to make the investment in yourself to enhance the ritual you love. So when you take out your grinder to roll up a pearl, you smile, and are grateful.