A dream and a love for weed.

Izaak here. I started Z's Life in 2018 as a college art student. I adored the ritual of rolling, but couldn't stand the items I used to get high. I sought an experience that prioritized design and functionality over antiquated cannabis iconography.
I dreamt of a world where weed accessories are at the cutting edge of art and design. One where someone thinks the object they are looking at is a sculpture instead of a grinder.
I took a hiatus from Z's Life after graduating college in 2020. During that time I worked with a fine artist and various fashion companies to refine my aesthetic and expand my creative capabilities.
Now, in 2024, I am proud to be pursuing Z's Life full time. I am on a mission to create the most beautiful smoking accessories the world has ever seen.


Design that embraces function first is the epitome of thoughtful creation. It's about weaving beauty into everyday life without sacrificing usability. Striving for elegance with a purpose, I focus on crafting designs where form and function dance in perfect harmony, ensuring a seamless, enriching experience for you.


All of our objects are created from premium materials so you can experience a truly elevated high. From our custom colored Deep Blue cardstock to our aluminum objects, everything is heirloom quality.