King Opal


Pearlescent ZBook features 50 king size papers, 50 perforated filters, and a magnetic closure.

Z’s Life rolling papers are ultra slow burning, organic, and non-GMO.  There are no additives, an even burn is guaranteed every time.


What are the papers made out of?

Our papers are made from flax.   The flax is FSC Certified under strict sustainable forestry guidelines.  The papers are non-gmo, vegan and additive free.  

Z’s ultra slow burning rolling papers are produced by JOB de Jean Bardou, the world’s oldest and most respected manufacturer of rolling papers since 1838.  Each 13.5 gsm paper is watermarked with thin lines to ensure an even burn every time with white ash when rolled properly.  The papers are dispensed through an interleaving method, by which each paper is folded and linked to the next.  

Our gumline is created from Arabic gum; a natural adhesive sustainably extracted from the acacia tree. It is meticulously applied to the edge of our papers to ensure the reliability of the stick and prevent unravelling during consumption.

Where are ZBooks made?

ZBooks are made by master craftsmen in our European workshop.  Each ZBook is meticulously assembled by hand and repeatedly examined throughout the manufacturing process.  We source the material for our ZBooks from a variety of the world famous paper mills throughout Europe.  

How are the pink papers colored?

Our pink paper collection is colored through vegan and non-gmo vegetable dyes. 

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